How to Use


All ingredients are mixed with coconut milk and almond milk and added with double-filtered coconut oil.

How to Use

Apply to the Oil

Take 15 ml of Oil and apply on the Scalp and wash it after 30 minutes.

Use Correspondingly

The oil can be used by adults and children respectively.

More Shinning

After bath take less quantity of oil and apply gently to get more shinning.

Get more Colour

After bath take less quantity of oil and apply gently to get colour.

Results in 7days

It suits to all climatic conditions and gives you better results in 7days.

DIRECTIONS FOR USAGE: Massage Souparnika Green Herb Oil 15 ml evenly on the scalp. Leave it on for a minimum of 30minutes (longer the better) and wash off with normal water. No need to use soap or shampoo. The residual oil will get washed off or when you towel dry. If necessary, use natural thaali to wash off. Those with dandruff shall massage slightly warm oil to cure dandruff faster. After bath, the oil can be applied too which will provide a natural sheen and a healthy appearance to your tresses.
N.B: EPR Ayurvedic’s Souparnika Green Herb Oil is of cold nature. Those with less tolerance for cold, apply a small test dose and use according to your personal preference and comfort.